Conceptualizations of Multilingualism

An Affordances Perspective


  • Larissa Aronin Oranim Academic College


affordances, multilingualism, new linguistic dispensation, philosophy of multilingualism, edge


Multilingualism in post-postmodernity has proved to be the prevailing human condition. Various approaches have been applied to fully embrace the advantages of multilingualism and to come to terms with its challenges—among them, first of all, the widely spread competence concept. In addition to the competence approach, there are several others, such as linguistic ecology, complexity, and the philosophical approach. The aim of this article is twofold: 1) to discuss ways of conceptualizing multilingualism under the new linguistic dispensation  (Aronin 2007; Aronin and Singleton 2008), and 2) to stress the role of affordances as a promising organizing concept for investigation of multilingualism.