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Il caso di Elvira Dones


  • Lidia Radi University of Richmond


This article investigates multifaceted perspectives around the category of “migrant literature”, by focusing on the personal and professional journey of Elvira Dones, an Albanian writer and journalist who fled communist Albania in 1988 for Switzerland. Through the lens of the particular circumstances of her life in Albania, her escape, and her interactions with both her native tongue and her adoptive language and culture, I examine the reasons why she is called an “Italian migrant writer”, a label that she strongly rejects. In what ways might the category of “migrant literature” limit a more complex engagement with these narratives? This article traces the ways in which Dones asserts the right to freely inhabit a hybrid identity that resists reductive definitions. By charting Dones’ struggle, the lived contradictions and limitations of the “migrant" category are explored. 

Author Biography

Lidia Radi, University of Richmond

Dr. Radi is an Associate Professor of French and Italian at the University of Richmond, Virginia. She has published extensively in the field of Early Modern studies, where she has examined the relationship between politics and religion, virtue and education, and most recently the ethics of literature. As a former political refugee from Albania, Dr. Radi is interested in the intersection between literature, women’s studies and ethics in the field of Migration Studies.






‘Social Facts’ and Other Assumptions