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Voices from a Community Refugee Education Program


  • Clare Cox Pima Community College Refugee Education Program
  • Yaya Daoud
  • Mohamed Khalifa
  • Singaye Rwatwengabo


The Refugee Education Program (REP) has been a part of the Tucson community for 40 years. It runs through Pima Community College as part of Adult Basic Education for College and Career (ABECC) and is funded by the Department of Economic Security’s Refugee Resettlement Program. Refugees who have been in the country for less than five years are able to take advantage of free classes; afterwards, many transition to ELAA (English Language Acquisition for Adults) classes or to credited Pima classes and training programs. Our job as REP instructors is to prepare people for their first job in the US as well as provide a pathway into the mainstream adult basic education system.

Author Biography

Clare Cox, Pima Community College Refugee Education Program

Clare Cox has been a certified educator in Tucson, Arizona, for over 20 years. She received her BA (Elementary Education) and MA (Language, Reading and Culture) from the University of Arizona and has worked mainly in Early Childhood, including five years as an ELD (English Language Development) Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Cox has been an instructor with the Refugee Education Program since 2017.






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