Tightrope Walker


  • Chantal Crozet RMIT University, Melbourne


multilinguality, interculturalism, hybridity, renouncement, expansion


In this auto-ethnographic account, I reflect on my journey as a multilingual academic researcher and writer, focusing primarily on my experiences with French and English which have become my first two languages. To a lesser extent, I also tell and reflect on my experience with Spanish and Sanskrit my third and fourth languages which are part of me too. I reflect on how I have lived and experienced the shaping of a hybrid academic identity, with and beyond two primary languages and cultures. My reflection shows that it is my relationship to language, or, for a better word, my positioning towards language, rather than my relationship to a particular language per se that ultimately matters in my experience of multilingualism.


Author Biography

Chantal Crozet, RMIT University, Melbourne

Crozet is an applied linguist in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University in Australia. Her research interests focus on language, culture, identity, self, and education. Her latest publications include: Engagement politique et approche interculturelle, diffusion du français en milieu tertiaire non-francophone (2018) in Pierozak et al. (eds.), Penser les diversités linguistiques et culturelles; The Intercultural Foreign Language Teacher: Challenges & Choices (2017) in Dasli & Diaz (eds.), The Critical Turn in Language and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy; On Language and Interculturality - Teaching Languages and Cultures for a Global World (2016), in Julian C. H. Lee (ed.), Narratives of Globalisation.