SECTION II: Introducing the Special Issue


  • Emma Trentman University of New Mexico
  • Janice McGregor University of Arizona


Issue 9.1, Section II: Introducing the Special Issue.

Author Biographies

Emma Trentman, University of New Mexico

Emma Trentman is Associate Professor of Arabic at the University of New Mexico.  She is an Applied Linguist whose research focuses on language and intercultural learning during study abroad, virtual exchange, and in the language classroom.  She is particularly interested in multilingual approaches to language learning, and is co-editor of the book Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Multilingual Turn (2021).  Her research has appeared in various journals and edited collections including The Modern Language JournalForeign Language AnnalsThe L2 JournalStudy Abroad Research, and System.  She directs the Arabic program at the University of New Mexico, where she teaches all levels of Arabic and the capstone course for the Languages major. 

Janice McGregor, University of Arizona

Janice McGregor has been a faculty member in the Department of German Studies and faculty member in the interdisciplinary PhD program in Second Language Acquisition at the University of Arizona since 2018. She peviously held the position of Assistant Professor of German and Basic Language Program Coordinator at Kansas State University from 2013-2018. McGregor received her M.A. in German Studies from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and her Ph.D. in German Applied Linguistics from the Pennsylvania State University. In her research, McGregor is committed to creating connections between research and teaching endeavors as well as inclusive access points for language learning at all levels via the qualitative investigation of what it means to both pursue and talk about language learning & multilingualism in intercultural contexts.