"Culturally Sustaining English Language Education?," review of English as an International Language in Asia: Implications for Language Education, edited by Andy Kirkpatrick and Roland Sussex


  • Jerry Won Lee University of Arizona


language education, ESL, EFL, TESOL, Pennycook

Author Biography

Jerry Won Lee, University of Arizona

Lee is Associate Professor in the departments of English, Anthropology, East Asian Studies, and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine, as well as core faculty in the PhD program in Culture & Theory, core faculty in the Global Cultures undergraduate major, and an affiliate faculty member in the Center for Critical Korean Studies. As an interdisciplinary scholar, the overarching goal of Lee's research has been the examination of the cultural politics of globalization, with a particular focus on questions of “language” and “nation,” oftentimes seeking to understand their interrelationships. In terms of “language,” Lee focuses on the politics of multilingualism and “global” Englishes from both theoretical-sociolinguistic and pedagogical angles. In terms of “nation,” he has focused on the official and vernacular functions and forms of ethnic identity in the context of and in spaces beyond the rubric of the nation-state. He has published on these topics in a range of journals. He has also published a monograph, The Politics of Translingualism: After Englishes, and a co-edited volume, Korean Englishes in Transnational Contexts.